Dress Up Your Porch for the Season: Christmas

Posted on December 1, 2016 in Seasonal Home Tips


Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to break out the Christmas decor and add some holiday cheer to your home. Here are a few ways to dress up your porch for the season:


When you think about wreaths, you probably think about Christmas – and that’s because wreaths are one of the most popular things homeowners use to decorate their homes for the holidays. If you usually hang a wreath on your front door, why not change things up and hang more than one? Make a statement by attaching two or three wreaths together with ribbon and hanging them down the length of your front door. You can also hang wreaths in many other places on your porch for extra decoration.


Evergreen garland is great for decorating because it’s versatile and flexible. String some garland around the frame of your door, wrap it around your columns, or use it to line your stair banister. You can even add pops of color to the garland by incorporating small red bows, Christmas lights, ribbon, beads, holly berries, and more.


These indigenous Mexican plants have become a staple of Christmas decor and can be found in red, white, pink, and even marbled colors. Poinsettias are perfect for clustering together on either side of your doorway, lining your stairs, or even hanging from your porch ceiling to add some holiday color. Just remember – since these plants come from Mexico, they don’t tolerate frost well, so bring them inside when it starts to get chilly.


With the wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors available, there are nearly endless ways you can decorate with ornaments. Our home improvement experts like tying ribbons to them and hanging them from the ceiling. You can also string them together to make an ornament garland, fill up clear vases with them, cluster them together and create a wreath, and many more ideas – don’t be afraid to get creative!


Everyone loves the warm, cozy feeling that Christmas brings, so why not turn that feeling into an actual display of warm, cozy light? Gather up some lanterns of various sizes and colors and either hang them or cluster them on the ground together to add some glow to your porch. You can use actual candles, electric candles, or battery-operated candles depending on your preference, but no matter what you use, your lanterns will add a nice rustic touch.


Gifts are a big part of Christmas, so why not make some faux gifts to up the Christmas spirit of your porch? Gather up some empty boxes of various sizes (preferably ones that flow well when stacked) along with a few wrapping paper patterns, ribbon, and bows. Wrap your empty boxes to look like gifts, then stack them up or arrange them together to make it look like Santa came early.


If lots of decorations isn’t your thing, you can still spread the holiday cheer with a few simple bows. Whether they’re traditional red velvet bows or colorful ones you make from large pieces of ribbon, you can hang your bows on your front door, tie them to your banister, add them to your porch lights, or even use them to accent a chair or bench. You can even string them together and create a bow garland to hang around your door or drape along a railing.

*Photo courtesy of: cutediyprojects.com

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