Dress Up Your Porch for the Season: Halloween

Posted on October 4, 2017 in Seasonal Home Tips


Halloween is just a few weeks away and if you haven’t gotten into the spirit yet, our home improvement company is here with some great ways to add holiday spirit to your front porch:

Spider Webs

Halloween is all about being spooky, and spider webs are the perfect way to add a touch of ghoul to your porch. You can find inexpensive stretchable spider webs at your local party store and using tacks or tape, string them across your ceiling, lights, front door, chairs, banisters, columns, and more to give you an instant creepiness factor.


Nothing says Halloween like pumpkins, so why not get creative and use an array of them to decorate your porch? Cluster pumpkins of different sizes together and place them on either side of your front door or use them to line the stairs leading to your porch. Try stacking them for something different or painting them with acrylic paint to give the area some pops of color. Or, you could always be extra-festive and carve them!

A Wreath

These days, there are so many things you can do to create a festive Halloween wreath. Instead of buying one, try making one using a simple foam form. Wrap the wreath in colorful yarn or tie long strips of festive fabric around it and and finish with some Halloween accessories. Or, get playful and glue a pattern of candy corn or eyeballs around the form. You can even turn your wreath into a monster, like this one.

Cauldron Planters

Whether you already have flowers on your porch or you want to add some, Halloween is a great time to turn your planters into spooky “cauldrons.” You can find plastic cauldrons at your nearest party store – just measure your planter and make sure you get one large enough for the planter to sit in. If you’re starting fresh, choose orange, white, and yellow flowers to plant to make the cauldrons even more Halloween-y. Or, if flowers aren’t your thing, craft a pair of witch’s feet to stick out of the top or fill the cauldron with insulation foam to make it look like it’s bubbling over.


Garlands are great because they can be hung around your front door, spiraled around your banister, or simply strung across the porch ceiling. They can also be made from nearly anything, so get creative – string together black and orange candies, turn mini lights into ghosts, craft “Happy Halloween” from cardboard and burlap, and more. All you have to do is browse the internet for some inspiration!


For a quick and easy way to add some Halloween spirit to your porch, buy (or make) some black crows or bats. Then, hang them from your ceiling at various heights. At night, your porch lights will make it’ll look like you have real crows or bats flying around.


If you’re not a Halloween decorations kind of person, why not spruce up your porch with some festive-colored lights? Swap out your porch lights for orange, red, or purple ones for a spooky glow or step it up even more with spotlights that illuminate the entire front of your home; you’ll be the only house on the block that glows Halloween colors once the sun goes down.

*Photo courtesy of dgbaogui.com

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