Home Holiday Prep: December Decor

Posted on December 10, 2015 in Seasonal Home Tips

holiday home decor

The holidays are coming up, and if you’re entertaining your friends and family, you’ll want your home to be in its best shape possible. At P.J. Fitzpatrick, we can help you do that. We’ll be posting a “Home Holiday Prep” blog each week for six weeks, and each one will focus on how to make an area of your home look great for your upcoming party or gathering.

The holidays are nearly here, so in this last installment of our Home Holiday Prep blog series, our home improvement experts are here to share a few decor ideas. There are many different ways to make your home merry and bright – here are some of our favorites:


Bows are a great decoration because they’re inexpensive and can be used virtually anywhere. Hang a few bows around your front door, on your stair railing, on interior doors, on your mantle, or even on kitchen cabinet doors. They can be homemade out of festive ribbon (the wired kind is best for holding the bow shape) or bought from any local craft store.


Nothing says Christmas like garland. Use it to line your mantle or wrap it around your banisters. You can also line doorways or even your front yard fence for extra festivity. Small pieces of garland are also great for wrapping around candle bases and if you lay two pieces of garland side-by-side, you can create a unique table runner. You can even decorate your garland further by adding snowflakes, tinsel, bows, or candy canes.

Christmas Lights

While Christmas lights are popular for outdoor decoration, they can also be used indoors to add a warm glow. String a strand of lights across your mantle, around your bathroom mirrors, around your windows, or even across your ceiling to create a cozy alleyway impression. To add a rustic touch, tuck a strand of lights into several side-by-side mason jars and use it as a table centerpiece. Or, create a walk-through by hanging short strands in your doorways.


Candles are great for decor all year, but once the holidays come around, there are plenty of things you can do to spruce up your candles and add a little festivity. Try gluing cinnamon sticks around a pillar candle and wrapping them with some twine for a cozy look. Or, place several pillar candles on a large dish and surround them with poinsettia flowers. You can also fill a glass vase with water, pine tree sprigs, and holly berries (or cranberries) and top with floating tea lights. The best thing about candles is you can get creative with their displays, so don’t be afraid to try something new!

Ball Ornaments

Ball ornaments are another easy way to add holiday touches throughout your home. Fill a small basket or dish with ball ornaments and use as an end table piece. Or, stack different sized ornaments underneath a glass dome for an easy mantle decoration. You can also fill up glass vases of different sizes and use them for a table centerpiece.


One of the best things about holiday decor is the little touches you can create around the house. Swap out your kitchen or bathroom towels with festive colored ones or create miniature presents by wrapping up tiny boxes and place them on window ledges. Make some festive wall decor by cutting holiday words or phrases out of colored cardstock, gluing them onto a white or black background, and framing them. Or hang a few sleigh bells from your front door so that they jingle when it opens.

Have any other holiday decor ideas for us? We’d love to hear them!

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