Home Holiday Prep: Thanksgiving Decor

Posted on November 19, 2015 in Seasonal Home Tips

The holidays are coming up, and if you’re entertaining your friends and family, you’ll want your home to be in its best shape possible. At P.J. Fitzpatrick, we can help you do that. We’ll be posting a “Home Holiday Prep” blog each week for six weeks, and each one will focus on how to make an area of your home look great for your upcoming party or gathering.

If your home is already in great shape (or you simply can’t make the renovations you want), the next thing to consider is your Thanksgiving decor. Everyone loves a warm welcome, and little touches like centerpieces, mantle garnishes, and wall decorations can fill your home with festive cheer.

Here are some ideas from our Delaware home improvement company:


When you think “centerpiece,” you probably think “dinner party,” but the truth is, centerpieces can be a a great decoration for your kitchen or dining room table any time of the year. When it comes to Thanksgiving, you can mix and match an array of decorative pieces to get a beautiful centerpiece arrangement.


Whether they’re real or fake, pumpkins are great for holding things. Carve out one and have it hold a bouquet of flowers, wheat, a candle, succulent plants, or any other decorative item you want. You can also place small pumpkins on pedestals (of varying heights) or fill a large glass vase or bowl with them. Or, try painting pumpkins of several sizes with gold or silver paint for a pop of color.


Berries are great as a main focus or as an addition. Fill a large glass bowl with water, cranberries, and floating tea lights or place sprigs of craft berries in a tall, thin vase. You can also use berry sprigs to surround candles or pumpkins in a wooden box or incorporate them in your flowers.


Most people think of candles when they think of centerpieces, and crafting your own can be pretty easy. For Thanksgiving, line pillar candles in a rustic box or on a wooden plate and finish with fake leaves or berries. You can also cut out the tops of apples or pumpkins and drop tea lights in for a different twist. Or, wrap several bottles in burlap and finish with ribbon and candlesticks.


Pinecones not only give your centerpiece a homey feel, but they also smell wonderful (as long as you buy the scented variety). Place pinecones in a rustic box, in a glass bowl, or fill up a tall vase and garnish with leaves or berries. You can even paint the edges of your pinecones with gold, orange, or silver paint for a nice glimmer.

Mantle Garnishes

Think of your fireplace mantle as one big centerpiece for your living room or family room. Try arranging pumpkins in several sizes, wrapping bundles of wheat in cinnamon sticks, filling glass holders with corn kernels and votives, or simply line your mantle with an array of holiday flowers. You can even finish off the look by incorporating craft leaves or berries and for an extra dose of Thanksgiving, hang a banner across the front.

Wall Decor

Add some fall to your walls by collecting large, dried leaves and framing them in wooden frames. You can also create your own pinecone or berry wreath or create your own word art using wood blocks or scrapbook paper. Or, try a temporary wall decal with the words “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Give Thanks.”

For a few front porch or walkway ideas, check out our Exterior segment.

*Photo courtesy of: sortra.com

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