Make Sure Your Home Is Ready for Holiday Guests!

Posted on December 21, 2016 in Seasonal Home Tips

With Christmas in a few days and New Year’s Eve not far behind, you may be expecting family or friends at your home to celebrate the season. If so, be a good host and make sure your home is ready for your guests. Here are some quick tips:

Drafty Windows

You want your guests to enjoy a home that’s warm and cozy home, not chilly and drafty. If your windows are old or damaged, they could be letting in drafts of cold air that are not only noticeable, but also lower the temperature of your home. Let our window experts replace your windows and so that they keep out the winter chill and keep those inside comfortable.

Clogged Gutters

During the fall and winter, leaves, debris, ice, and more can get caught in your gutters and cause them to clog. This leads to water backup and eventually, water damage to your home. Avoid the nuisance of cleaning your gutters (and the cost of fixing water damage) with a Gutter Cap Home Gutter System. This system not only protects your gutters, but it guarantees consistent water flow.


No guest wants to feel crowded and unwelcome, and that’s exactly what a cluttered home can do. Make room for your guests by clearing out a space in the closet for them, giving them some room in the bathroom, tidying up the living area, and more. If they’re staying with you for a couple weeks, you can even clear out some room in the refrigerator for them.

Bare Porch

Your front porch is part of your home’s curb appeal and it’s where your guests will be entering your home, so make it look festive and inviting. Replace any burned-out light bulbs and clear away any leaves or debris. In addition, here are some great decorating tips for the holidays in our blog “Dress Up Your Porch for the Season: Christmas“.

Dirty Bathroom

Whether your guests are there for the evening or they’re staying a week, they’ll appreciate a bathroom that’s spic and span. Start by thoroughly cleaning your toilet, sink, floors, and tub or shower. If you’ve been putting off a new tub or shower installation, now is the time to call us – we can have a new one installed in as little as one day!

Holes in the Wall

If you’ve been ignoring the holes in your drywall (or you’ve covered them up with picture frames), don’t put them off any longer. Fixing a drywall hole is easier than you think – all you need is a putty knife, some spackle, sandpaper, and paint. Use your putty knife to press spackle into the hole and let it dry. Then, sand it down so that it’s smooth and apply paint to blend it in with the rest of the wall. Voila!

Musty Smell

Have you ever heard the term “nose blind”? It happens when you get so used to a smell that you don’t smell it anymore. Avoid having your home be the “musty-smelling” one and instead, make it the one that smells cozy and inviting.

  • After you vacuum your carpets, sprinkle some scented powder on them.
  • Wash your guest room sheets with a pleasant-smelling detergent and fabric softener.
  • Place scented candles or wax warmers around your home.
  • Spray your curtains and furniture with an refresher spray.
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