Spring Fix-Ups: Siding

Posted on April 5, 2017 in Seasonal Home Tips

Spring has officially sprung and at P.J. Fitzpatrick, we want to help you give your home a seasonal update. In this series, we’ll explore the best home fix-ups that you can do during the spring that will be beneficial for the rest of the year.

Vinyl Siding Benefits

Energy Efficiency

If you’re looking to make your home more energy efficient, a vinyl siding installation is the perfect idea. Our insulation helps reduce utility costs year-round and provide a comfortable living space. It also helps you save money on your energy bills by keeping your home at the optimum temperature.


Everyone loves a home with curb appeal and if yours is looking shabby or run down, it may be time for some new vinyl siding. With its beautiful design and our wide variety of color options, you can upgrade the look of your home and improve its aesthetics. This is an especially good idea if you’re considering selling your home in the next few years – a beautiful home is always more attractive to potential buyers.


Your home’s siding is what protects it from natural elements like rain, sleet, snow, wind, sun, and more, so it’s important to make sure it’s durable. With a vinyl siding installation from P.J. Fitzpatrick, you’ll enjoy strong, insulated siding that interlocks securely for a tight fit. This rigidity and resistance will give you superior protection from outdoor weather and will keep your home looking great for years to come.

Expert Installation

If a new vinyl siding installation is on your spring fix-up list, don’t hesitate to call our siding experts. We’ll show you samples of available siding so you can understand just how beautiful and durable it is. Then, we’ll help you choose the right color to complement your roofing system and other elements.

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