Undo the Damage Winter Has Done

Posted on March 18, 2015 in Seasonal Home Tips

ice dam

It was a rough winter for us up here in the Northeast. We saw a lot of snow and ice throughout the past few months, and while it looked pretty on the trees, it caused major problems for some homeowners. Some of the most common include:

Gutter Problems

If your gutters weren’t fully cleaned in the fall, they may have collected leaves, sticks, and other debris before the winter hit. Once the snow and ice began, it soaked all of the contents in the gutter, then froze. Sometimes, frozen gutter debris can weigh your gutters down and damage them.

Frozen debris can also cause ice dams, which are large humps of ice that sit on the edge of your roof. When snow melts and flows down your roof, it can back up behind the ice dams and seep underneath the shingles. Once it soaks through, you could see damage to your insulation, ceilings, and/or walls. Our ice dam removal experts can take care of the situation before it gets worse.

Window & Door Problems

With temperatures reaching below zero this winter, you probably had to turn your heat up in order to stay warm. Did you notice that you had to turn it up higher than necessary? Or that your heating bill was much higher than it should have been? The culprit may be your windows. Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey windows that aren’t well-insulated or aren’t properly sealed can let cold air into your house and cause your heater to work overtime to keep it warm. Let our replacement windows team help you choose new windows that are not only beautiful, but energy efficient.

Doors can also be a problem. If your doors aren’t properly sealed, they’ll let in drafts of cold air as well and can add to the trouble. Our door repair specialists can create a tight, reliable seal so that you won’t have to worry about drafts.

Insulation Problems

Just like under-insulated windows, under-insulated homes can let drafts of cold air in and can overwork your heater and lessen the overall comfort of your home. Improper insulation can also cause your home to become too warm in the summer and keep your energy costs higher than usual. Let us take a look at your insulation situation and recommend your best move.

Many homeowners don’t think about their garage doors, but under-insulated garage doors can also contribute to a too-cold or too-warm home. Quality garage doors can help create a barrier from outdoor air and can help keep your home comfortable.

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