Enhance Safety with an Accessible Shower

Posted on July 27, 2022 in Shower Installation

Enhance Safety with an Accessible Shower
Accessible shower products help people with limited mobility stay safe while bathing. Having these products installed properly will ensure they are sturdy and safe to use. If you own a home in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Maryland and you’re looking to install a more accessible shower, PJ Fitzpatrick can help. Our shower systems can be customized to include grab bars, seating, low-barrier tubs, and other products to make your shower safer and easier to use.

How Accessible Shower Products Can Enhance Safety

Injuries and aging can make it hard to get in and out of the shower. Water and soap cause the tub floor to get slippery, making it more likely you will fall. If getting your daily shower has become a dangerous hassle, having accessible shower products like a low-curb shower installed can make bath time easy and enjoyable again.

Grab Bars Reduce the Chance of Slipping

If you have trouble balancing while standing in the shower, sturdy grab bars give support and peace of mind. Grab bars also come in handy when you are pulling yourself up from your shower seat, and they can provide support while you are exiting the tub.

Low-Barrier Showers Help People with Limited Mobility

Walk-in showers are becoming more popular every year, and they are perfect for people who have trouble stepping over a traditional tub barrier. If you have pain in your hips and knees, switching your existing tub for a low-barrier shower will give you a safer, more comfortable experience.

Built-In Seating Makes Showering Easier and Safer

Shower seats are another excellent feature that can enhance safety and comfort. Standing upright in the shower can be dangerous if you have limited mobility or trouble keeping your balance. Even if you are able to stand in the tub, you may find sitting to be more enjoyable and less painful.

Contact PJ Fitzpatrick Today for an Estimate

PJ Fitzpatrick uses only the best products made by Jacuzzi, and our team has the knowledge and experience to install everything correctly the first time. If you or a loved one is in need of accessible shower products, we can select and install the best products that will enhance the safety and comfort of your shower. Step into safety by contacting PJ Fitzpatrick for an accessible shower product installation estimate.

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