How to Choose the Right Shower Faucet & Fixtures

Posted on September 21, 2022 in Shower Installation

Choose the Right Shower Faucet

Your shower should be an oasis for decompressing and getting clean at the end of the day. If your current shower faucet and fixtures are old, ugly, or broken, it’s time to upgrade. PJ Fitzpatrick can help you choose the right shower faucet and install it for you so you can fully enjoy your bathroom.

Upgrade Your Bath with New Fixtures

Your new shower faucet needs to be compatible with your lifestyle, your budget, your home’s water pressure, and the other fixtures in your bathroom. When you are shopping, you should consider all of these factors to help you choose the right shower faucet.

Pick the Proper Valves

The valve controls the flow of water to your shower faucet, and modern thermostatic valves keep you safe by preventing the water from getting too hot. The valve sits behind the wall, so you don’t actually see it when you step into your shower.

Choose the Right Shower Faucet Head

Your specific needs and lifestyle will determine what kind of showerhead you should choose. Single-head sprayers are the most common type, and rain shower heads often have a look that is a bit more elevated. For folks with limited mobility, a hand-held shower head provides the most ease and comfort. You can also have a dual shower head system installed which includes both a fixed and hand-held head.

Follow Your Budget

Your budget will be a significant factor when you are selecting faucets. Nice shower faucets can cost a few hundred dollars, and you’ll need to budget more than that to cover the labor cost of having them professionally installed.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Faucet accessories are available for your safety and comfort. Anti-scald and pressure-balancing valves can prevent nasty burns from scorching hot water. These can be invaluable features if you have small children or pets. Hand-held shower heads can make bath time easier for pets, kids, and elderly parents. You will also need to select a diverter so you can switch the flow of water from your shower head to your tub spout if the urge to take a bubble bath kicks in.

Consider Water Pressure

Nothing is more unenjoyable than taking a shower with poor water pressure. Before you select a shower head, you should pick up a test device from your local hardware store to determine your water pressure. If your pressure is low, you may have old pipes or a clog in the line. Different shower heads produce higher or lower water pressures. While low-pressure heads are ideal for energy efficiency, you may prefer the feeling of a head with higher pressure.

Shower Faucet Replacement

Contact Us Today for a Shower Faucet Installation

When you follow these simple tips, it’s easy to choose the right shower faucet. If you would like to have your new shower professionally installed, all you have to do is give us a call at 1-877-246-4354 or contact us today. We will be able to provide you with an estimate for an installation and schedule a convenient time for us to come out. You’ll have a beautiful, functional faucet in your shower before you know it.

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