6 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Entertaining Area

Posted on June 3, 2015 in Siding

outdoor entertaining area

It’s summertime, so let the outdoor entertaining begin! If you’re looking forward to hosting a graduation party, barbecue, anniversary, birthday party, or any other event, you’ll need an outdoor area that’s ready for entertaining. At P.J. Fitzpatrick, we have a few suggestions on ways to improve your area to make it guest-ready:


When homeowners think about outdoor entertaining, many forget the simple element of making the area accessible. Walkways are an inviting way to lead people to and from your home and can make the space much more friendly. Whether it’s a walkway from the driveway to your back yard or one from your back yard to a garden, a walkway can add a touch of appeal.

A Patio

While it doesn’t have to be huge, a patio (or deck) is one of the most crucial things you can have in your back yard for entertaining. A patio gives you an area to set up chairs, a grill, tables, games, and more. It also gives all of your guests a central area to mingle.

New Siding

When you think “entertaining area,” you probably think about the actual area where you’ll entertain, but what you’re forgetting is that your home is the backdrop for any event you host. That means if your siding is old, outdated, or damaged, people will notice. Make sure your home looks stunning to your guests by updating your siding. At our Maryland siding company, we carry a wide array of materials, colors, and styles to fit your vision and your budget.


The lighting fixtures inside your home are probably up so that they add focus to an area, so why not do the same outside your home? If you like to entertain outdoors, strategically placed lighting can add to the ambiance and make nighttime activities more fun. Try adding small lights underneath your deck railing, along walkways, and in dark corners. You can also accent your landscaping with cleverly placed spotlights.

A Fire Pit

Everyone loves sitting around a fire on a warm summer night – especially if there are s’mores involved. Create a cozy area for your guests to gather by creating a fire pit. You can either build one right into the ground for convenience or buy a stand-alone one and place it anywhere you’d like.


Like siding, your landscaping is the backdrop to any event you host. If your back yard is lacking in shrubbery, talk to your local nursery specialist about what kind of trees or bushes to buy and where to put them. With the right type of greenery, you can create mini “escapes” that add character to your home and entertaining area.

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