Trivia Tuesday Feb 5 2013

Posted on February 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

otto-octupus-460_1054110cRemember answers must be posted to this blog to count, and you only get one chance to answer the question correctly.  If you answer more then once any subsequent responses will be deleted.  Only one person per household may attempt to answer as well.

Today is a special round of Trivia Tuesday. There are three answers that are correct. YOU MAY ONLY GIVE ONE. We will accept the first three people to give us correct responses. REMEMBER TO ONLY GIVE US ONE. If you give more than one we will disqualify your answer. Once a specific correct response is given then we will disregard any other posts with that particular answer. The three winners will receive a box of Country Kettle Fudge. In order to win we will require you to give us one of the three plural forms of octopus. Good luck!

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