Birthdays and Anniversaries

Posted on November 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

A curious number of birthdays this month?

Carey Cline 11/27
Darin Henry 11/14
Don Pittman 11/20
John Moore 11/03
Josh Radulski 11/14
Paul Sweeney 11/18
Bethany Hernandez 11/08
Jeff Johnston 11/07
Bob Boyce 11/06

Happy birthday everybody! And if I haven’t gotten an image of you in the newsletter don’t worry, we have plenty material of almost everyone on the F: drive. 🙂





And here we have the weather for the...I mean our anniversaries.

Don Pittman 11/09/2009
David Hynes 11/30/2010

Congratulations to everyone who is celebrating another year with us at P.J. Fitzpatrick!

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