Birthdays and Anniversaries

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Here are the anniversaries and birthdays for the month of October.  Hmm, this is interesting.  I think some people were willing to pay good money for John Sullivan’s birthday…

Don't worry, I have more embrassing shots of Celine somewhere...

October Birthdays
Rob Sebastian 10/01
Mike Zaiss 10/06
Todd Glickstein 10/06
Tyler Faux-Dugan 10/07
John Sullivan 10/09
Joe McGurk 10/11
Steve Kaper 10/12
Mickey Garofalo 10/16
Shane Faux-Dugan 10/16
David Krawczyk 10/17
Celine Tata 10/22
Jason Auger 10/23
Dylan Garrett 10/26





And who is this handsome devil?


Check out all our October anniversaries, congratulations to you all!

Christopher Kelch 10/01/2009
Cheryl Williamson 10/03/2005
Robert Free 10/05/2009
Brian MacCrory 10/05/2009
Robert Anderson 10/12/2009
Geoffrey Morton 10/12/2009
Jeff Story 10/18/2010
Tom Bonsall 10/30/2003

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