January 2012 Birthdays and Anniversaries

Posted on January 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

So I heard it was your birthday.

Sorry for getting around to the newsletter so late this month, as you can see we already have a number of birthdays that we’ve already passed.  Happy belated birthday to all the birthdays that went by already, and happy birthday to all those yet to come this month!

Roger Dearth 01/01
Katie Havalchak 01/01
Michael Bello 01/08
Scott Singer 01/09
Daniel Coxhead 01/09
Gregory Benoit 01/19
Dustin Faux-Dugan 01/27




Almena's been here for like over a decade.

Michael Bello 01/4/2011
Jeff Bowles 01/05/2004
John Clark 01/30/2006
Almena Faux 01/11/1999
Steve Kaper 01/03/2005
Scott Manning 01/10/2000
Robert Sebastian 01/22/2007
Mike Small 01/12/2004
Timothy Yee 01/03/2011

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