June Insanity: The Results

Posted on July 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

June Insanity is finally over, and once again we want to thank everyone who participated! You guys did an awesome job getting everyone psyched up about the contest, and it was a blast to see how everything turned out! Todd Snider surprised nearly everybody by making it into the Finals with Dustin Faux-Dugan.  Dustin barely made it to the finals himself, just squeaking by Christy Connor in the most controversial round of the contest, and beating one of the fan favorites, Jeremy McKinney, in the semi-finals.

More importantly than the contest itself, though, was the fact that you guys raised awareness for a lot of really great charities! I wish we could donate to them all! (and we will work with many of them in the future)  For making it into the semi-finals we donated $100 to Jeremy McKinney’s chosen charity, The Wounded Warrior Project, and Stacey Snyder’s charity, The March of Dimes. Todd Snyder’s charity, Habitat for Humanity, netted second place for $150, and last but not least Dustin’s charity, The Alzheimer’s Association, netted $500 for coming in first.

Great job everybody, and as always if you have any suggestions regarding charities or events please feel free to let us know!


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