November to Remember 2012

Posted on November 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Welcome everyone to November to Remember 2012! We’ve gathered together 8 of our fans to represent their favorite charities in a competition on our Facebook page!

This is organized as a single elimination tournament, where victory will be decided by polls posted to our Facebook page. The first bracket will start on Monday Nov 12th. We will post a poll at the top of our Facebook page where our fans can vote for their favorite to win between Elizabeth Feister for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation versus Michael Pesci for the Perfect Pitch. This poll will remain open until Wednesday Nov 14th at noon. The winner of that round will be decided by whomever has the most votes at that time, and they will proceed onto the next round. (the loser will be eliminated from the contest) We will then post the next poll for the Second Bracket. This will continue every two days (except in the event a poll is opened on a Friday, those will continue through the weekend until Monday at noon) until we have a single person left, and that person will be the winner of our contest.

Here is a listing of the brackets, and when they will be voted on:

  • First Bracket Nov 12, 2012: Elizabeth Feister for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation versus Michael Pesci for the Perfect Pitch
  • Second Bracket Nov 14, 2012: Max Barry for PAWS for People versus Rodney Jordan for Exceptional Care for Children
  • Third Bracket Nov 16,2012: Kate Cowperthwait for the MS Society of Delaware versus Mike Handlin for Mid-Atlantic Connection for PKU and Allied Disorders
  • Fourth Bracket Nov 19, 2012: Heather Bailey for Coast Hospice at the Ocean versus Mikaelyn Austin for ALS Assocation

For both of the brackets in the next round please keep in mind they will occur over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Just a heads up:

  • Winner of First Bracket versus Winner of Second Bracket Nov 21, 2012
  • Winner of Third Bracket versus Winner of Fourth Bracket Nov 23, 2012

Finals will begin Nov 26, 2012

Prizes: We will be donating to every charity represented in this contest. The prize tiers are as listed below.

1st Round Elimination: $50 donation to your charity
2nd Round Elimination: $100 donation to your charity
3rd Round Elimination: $250 donation to your charity
Winner: $500 donation to your charity

One last note: we cannot change or bend the votes for any reason  throughout the contest. All votes must be made in the poll that is posted at the top of our Facebook page, and unfortunately if a fan has difficulty voting we can’t do anything about that. We are only going to be counting the votes that are made in the poll, we will not count any votes we are sent via email or votes made by posting on our Facebook page. Just want to make that clear.

Thank you all again for participating, this should be a lot of fun!

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