Small Bathroom Details for Your Guests

Posted on December 12, 2018 in Uncategorized

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s also the time to clean up the house, unbox your holiday decor, and get ready for family and friends. If you’re hosting a holiday party this year, your guests will likely use your bathroom during their visit. Here, our bath experts have a few tips to help you turn your small bathroom into one that’s ready for them.

Vertical Storage

Some guests like to make themselves at home. This means they’ll want some room in your bathroom to keep their belongings. An easy solution for this is vertical storage. Not only will it free up space for both you and your guests, it will make your small bathroom look bigger.

Mini Toiletries

If you’ve traveled at all, you’re familiar with the mini hotel toiletries that usually come with your stay. Why not give that same convenience to your guests? Stock up on mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, soaps, and more to make them feel welcome.

An Updated Shower/Tub

If your guests are staying for several days, the last thing they want to do is bathe in a shower or tub that’s old, worn, or damaged. If yours is in need of an update, contact our bathtub installation specialists. We can install a new tub or shower in your bathroom in as little as one day!

Fresh Paint

Has your bathroom been needing a fresh coat of paint? Maybe your bathroom is painted a color that’s too dark. (This can not only make the room look smaller, it can also be a little depressing.) Either way, choose a light, bright color for your bathroom and freshen up the look.

“Mirror Space”

We’re guessing your bathroom already has a mirror. But if it’s a small one, you could be missing out on the illusion of space. Replace your small mirror with a large one (or simply add several more mirrors) to make your bathroom look bigger. As a bonus, your guests will love the amount of reflection!


Succulents are all the rage, and they’re actually the perfect plant accent for a bathroom. They don’t require much water, so they love absorbing the steam that comes from a hot shower. And since plants liven up any space, small succulents are a great addition to your decor.

Quality Towels

There’s nothing quite like reaching for a towel after a shower or bath only to find that it’s thin, old, or non-absorbent. Make your guests feel luxurious during their stay – invest in some quality towels. Many times, you can find great towels on sale at your local retail store.

A Warm Scent

A warm, inviting scent can make all the difference when you walk into a bathroom. Make a great impression and invest in a candle, a wax warmer, potpourri, an air freshener, or some incense. Some great scents for the winter include pine, cranberry, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Before your guests arrive, don’t forget to schedule any home repairs you may need with the experts at P.J. Fitzpatrick! We’ll get the job done quickly and you’ll have a home you’re proud to share.

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