4 Tricks for Making Windows Look Bigger

Posted on August 11, 2016 in Window Installation

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Windows are a great way to add natural light and ventilation to any room, however, sometimes your new windows may seem a little small. Whether they’re small in comparison to other windows, to the size of your room, to your walls, or they’re just actually small in size, have no fear – there are ways to fix that.

Our window experts have a few tricks for making your small windows look bigger:

Hang Curtains High

When choosing curtains, it’s always a good idea to choose ones that are long rather than short. Long curtains not only add a touch of elegance, but they immediately make your windows look larger. To make your windows look taller, try hanging your curtains several inches above the top of your window (but make sure they still hover above the ground). This will give you the illusion that your windows extend all the way to the top of your curtains – especially when the curtains are closed.

Hang Curtains Wide

To make your windows look wider, our window experts recommend hanging your curtains wider than the width of your window. This way, when your curtains are open, they’ll take up more space and make it look like your windows are larger than they are. And when they’re closed, they’ll create an even better illusion.

Add Trim

In our blog “8 Places to Consider Adding Trim,” we talk briefly about adding trim around your windows to give them a completed look. However, another benefit of trim around your windows is added size. Creating a border around your windows gives your visitors the idea that they’re actually larger; the larger the trim, the larger the windows appear, so take this into consideration when choosing.

Choose Your Pattern

Before you choose the fabric that you’re going to use for your curtains, consider in which way you’d like to enlarge your windows. If you want to make shorter windows seem taller, choose a pattern that’s vertical, which will draw your eye upward instead of outward. If you want to make narrow windows seem wider, choose a pattern that’s horizontal, which will draw your eye outward instead of upward. And, if you want to make them seem both taller and wider, try a solid color or a random print.

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