8 Window Treatment Ideas

Posted on April 15, 2015 in Window Installation

Whether you’re decorating brand new windows or are creating a new look for your current ones, there are lots of treatments you can give your windows, from earthy to elegant to minimalist and more. Here are some ideas from our Maryland windows company:

Cafe Curtain

cafe curtain

If you love the natural light that comes through your kitchen window (or any window, really), create a cafe curtain that shades only the bottom half of the window. You’ll constantly have light and because it’s a smaller curtain, you can more freely play with bold colors or patterns.



bamboo shade

If you’re environmentally conscious (like our Maryland windows company), try dressing your windows with bamboo shades. Bamboo is not only eco-friendly and incredibly durable, but it also adds an ethnic ambiance to any room. Bamboo comes in a variety of styles and an array of browns, taupes, and tans to complement any color scheme.



Roman Waterfall Shade

waterfall shade

For a flowy look that’s still practical, try something called a Roman waterfall shade. It’ll give your windows a unique look when closed and when open, will create its own layered valance. You can stick with a neutral color to blend the windows or an artsy color or pattern to make them stand out.


Extra-Full Drapes

silk drapes

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to a room (perhaps a dining room or sitting room), an extra-full silk curtain is a great way to do it. Choose a rich color, like chocolate, teal, eggshell, or royal purple and make sure they’re a little too long so that they gather on the floor.




lace curtain

Lace curtains give any window a soft, sheer look and can dress up already-elegant window styles like bow or bay. On their own, these curtains are great for letting in natural light. They can also be layered on top of solid-colored curtains to create delicate character.



Tab Top Curtains

tab top curtains

For a more casual look, try tab top curtains, which are named for the fabric tabs by which they hang. You can have fun with the tabs by giving them buttons, tying them into long strands, adding tassels, or making them out of a different material. You can also change the way the curtains look by making the tabs thin or thick.




If curtains or drapes aren’t your taste, go for the minimalist style of indoor shutters. Shutters can give your windows versatile looks, from country to modern to traditional to tropical, depending on your decor. They’re also great for blocking out light, are easy to clean, and won’t fade like fabric.




Cornices can be used as a design element or to hide your window hardware to make your window look “complete.” They are very versatile and can add just the right amount of color or pattern to a window. Because cornices draw your eye upward, they can be used with simple blinds or sheer shades.


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