Can New Windows Help Energy Efficiency?

Posted on July 12, 2023 in Window Installation

Can New Windows Help Energy Efficiency?

Outdated, drafty windows are detrimental to your monthly utility bills. Single-pane windows simply can’t match the energy performance of modern, high-quality double-pane windows. If you ask the Department of Energy if new windows can help energy efficiency, they say that installing new double-pane ENERGY STAR-rated products can result in annual savings of $125 to $465.

But how much of an impact does this really have on your home’s overall energy consumption in the long run? Considering the installation cost of energy-efficient windows can range depending on the types of windows you choose, will the energy savings justify the investment?

Replace Old Single Pane Windows

The value of efficient windows depends on the type of windows being replaced. If you currently have single-pane windows with warped wood frames, you can expect a significant reduction in your utility bills. However, most homes are not in this situation. Many houses already have double-pane or even triple-pane windows installed.

Replace Double Pane Windows Showing Signs of Failure

Even if you already have double-pane windows, it may be beneficial to replace them if you notice condensation between the panes. This indicates that the seal between the two panes is deteriorating, significantly reducing the windows’ performance. Additionally, if the windows were filled with gas insulation, the slow leakage will make your existing double-pane windows much less efficient.

Energy-Efficient Windows Rely on Adequate Air Sealing

While new windows can provide energy savings, their impact is limited if they are not properly sealed. The only way to guarantee the windows’ performance and ability to help energy efficiency is when they are correctly installed, flashed, and caulked. This means sealing the joints around your windows, as well as inspecting other adjoining areas. The professional window installers at PJ Fitzpatrick make sure your new windows are properly installed the first time.

Home Insulation Plays a Significant Role

In a similar vein, homes with poor insulation won’t benefit much from new windows, regardless of their quality. Specifically, insulating between the joists in an unfinished attic can have a tremendous impact on your overall utility costs. Although you likely already have insulation installed, it may not meet the current R-value standards if it’s over ten years old. The best time to address the need for additional insulation is when you are planning to replace your roof.

Find Out If New Windows Can Help Your Energy Efficiency

Each home has a unique energy profile and needs. If you think you may benefit from installing new windows, contact PJ Fitzpatrick today. Old, drafty windows are costing you money and are aggravating if they don’t open and close properly. Get an energy-efficient window replacement quote today.

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