Go Green with Ultrex Fiberglass Windows

Posted on August 19, 2015 in Window Installation

Do your windows old and inefficient windows need replacing? Or maybe you’re just looking to update your windows to give your home a new look. No matter what your reason, our Ultrex fiberglass windows from Infinity by Marvin are a great solution and an easy way to make your home greener.


You may be considering vinyl windows, which are a popular choice among homeowners for their strength and durability. However, Ultrex fiberglass windows are actually eight times stronger than vinyl and are resistant to corrosion, breakage, cracking, expansion, and contraction. They also have the strength to stand up to natural elements like hail, wind, and damaging UV rays.


Marvin’s Ultrex windows are ENERGY STAR-certified, which means they’re designed to reduce your energy usage and save you money “without any sacrifices in performance.” Because of their strength, these windows are resistant to leaks and seal failures, which means they’ll provide a secure barrier between the air temperature outside and the air temperature in your home. They’re also finished with a Low-E coating that can reduce window heat loss. According to Marvin, this coating can cut energy costs by up to 34% in cold climates and 38% in warm climates.


Whether you’re looking for a dark finish or a light finish, Marvin offers a variety of window finishes to complement your decor. To add strength to the windows, these finishes are mechanically bonded and are up to three times thicker than competitive finishes.

To learn more about their Ultrex fiberglass, visit Marvin’s Infinity by Marvin webpage. And, if you’re interested in replacing your home’s windows with durable, energy efficient windows, contact our windows specialists today. We’ll get you started.

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