Which Window Styles Are Right for You?

Posted on December 20, 2018 in Window Installation

In the market for some new windows? At P.J. Fitzpatrick, we have a wide variety of window styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for windows for your family room, basement, bedroom, kitchen, or another room in your home, our experts can help you choose the best ones. Learn more about some of the most popular window styles and their features:

Casement window styles

Casement windows are vertically rectangular windows with one large pane. They’re hinged on one side (either left or right) and have a crank handle that opens the other side outward. These windows are great for airflow because they allow you to open up a large space.


window stylesDouble-Hung

Double-hung windows are vertically horizontal windows with two stacked panes. These windows are different from many other windows because both panes of glass can be tilted out. This lets you maximize outdoor airflow. Their tilting feature also makes for easy cleaning.


window stylesAwning

Like casement windows, awning windows are also hinged on one side. However, the hinge is at the top and the crank opens the window from the bottom. These windows are often used for basements or attics because of their horizontal rectangular shape.


window stylesGlider

Glider windows have side-by-side vertically rectangular panes that open with a touch of elegance. Instead of pushing or cranking the window open, you can “glide” one pane open to overlap the other. Some window styles even let you detach the panes for easy cleaning.


window stylesBay

Bay windows are large, three-part window systems that extend outward from the house. They feature one large window in the middle and two smaller, angled windows on either side. This window style is often found in kitchens or living rooms. Many times, just the two outer windows open, but some window styles are installed for design purposes and none open.

window styles


Like bay windows, bow windows extend outward from the house. However, they are made up of four to six vertically horizontal panes of equal sizes. Many times these windows are for design purposes and don’t open, but they can be created to do so.


window stylesPicture

Picture windows are sealed windows that are made for natural light and for showcasing views. They’re often used in windy or harsh environments because of their ability to seal out exterior temperatures. They are also ideal for homes with abstract designs where regular windows wouldn’t fare well.


window styles

Round Top

Round top windows can come in many different window styles, including single-pane, multiple-pane, circular, or half-circular. They can also open in many different ways including cranks (like casement windows) or tilting (like double-hung windows).



window styles

Designer Glass

Designer glass windows are often used for design purposes and can be created in many different colors, textures, etchings, shapes, and sizes. Many homeowners use these windows to add a splash of creativity to their room.



window stylesGarden

Like bay and bow windows, garden windows extend outward from the house. These windows give you a large indoor ledge on which to grow plants and/or flowers. Similar to a box, garden windows consist of a large main window, a sloped top window, and two narrow side windows for ventilation. These windows can also come with shelves.

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