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How to Move a Bathtub Drain

Moving your bathtub naturally requires that you redo the plumbing for the drain. Ideally, the drain lines beneath the bathroom will be accessible. This makes it much easier to perform the steps for how to move a bathtub drain. Otherwise, you’ll need to open up a floor or ceiling to work on the plumbing.

How to Move a Bathtub Drain Steps

  1. Mark the drain pipe coming down from the bathtub 1/2 inch above where it connects to the P-trap.
  2. Cut straight across the drain pipe with a hacksaw.
  3. Trim burrs off of plastic pipe with knife.
  4. Determine where the new bathtub drain will exit the bathroom floor.
  5. Use power drill with 1/2-inch wood bit to create a new drain hole in the floor.
    1. Make the hole slightly larger than the pipe it needs to accommodate.
  6. Position the bathtub over the new hole with its drain pipe going down the hole.
  7. Locate the pipe that connects from the P-trap to the coupling that attaches to the main sewer line.
  8. Cut straight across this pipe 3 inches beyond where it will slide into the coupling.
  9. Remove burrs on pipe left by the hacksaw with a knife.
  10. Apply plastic pipe glue around the end of the pipe that you just cut.
  11. Spread glue along the inside end of the coupling.
  12. Insert the pipe into the coupling and hold steady for 30 seconds.
  13. Cut and glue pipes and couplings as necessary to reach beneath the new bathtub drain.
  14. Assemble the new P-trap but do not glue the pieces yet.
  15. Connect the P-trap assembly to the tub’s drain line and the sewer line.
  16. If the P-trap remains vertical during the dry fit, then you can glue the pieces together.
  17. If the P-trap is not vertical, then disassemble the pieces and cut sewer pipe to adjust the fit.
  18. Glue the pieces together.

Tools & Materials

Your drain lines will be black plastic or white PVC pipes. Assembling these components requires cutting and gluing.
  • Hacksaw
  • Pocket knife
  • Power drill

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