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How to Fix a Cracked Door Frame

There are many different reason a door frame may be cracked. If the crack is large, you may need to replace your entire door frame. However, if it’s small, you can repair it yourself with just a few tools and materials that you likely already have. Here, our door frame repair experts share the steps for fixing your crack:

  1. The first step to a door frame repair is to remove the trim from both sides of your door frame. You can do this by using your flat pry bar.
  2. Next, use your screwdriver to remove the metal catch/strike plate.
  3. Remove any small pieces of wood that may be sticking out of the door frame.
  4. After that, close the door to make sure it closes. If it doesn’t and there’s wood preventing it from doing so, remove those pieces as well.
  5. Fill in the crack with wood glue or wood filler. (Make sure you fill it as deep as possible.)
  6. After it’s filled, use several wood clamps to squeeze the frame together and eliminate the crack.
  7. Leave your door open and allow the wood glue/filler to dry completely.
  8. Once your wood glue/filler is dry, remove the wood clamps.
  9. Using your sandpaper, sand down any excess glue/filler to make the area flush with the rest of the door frame.
  10. Next, paint your door frame to hide the crack and give it a fresh look.
  11. Let the paint dry.
  12. Lastly, reinstall your catch/strike plate with your screwdriver and make sure your door closes properly.

Tools & Materials

  • Flat pry bar
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood glue or wood filler
  • Wood clamps
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint

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