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How to Fix a Crooked Door Frame

Sometimes contractors don’t take the time to make sure a home’s door frames are level. If this has happened to you and you need to fix a crooked door frame, gather up some tools and ask a friend to help. Here, our door repair experts share the steps for making your door frame straight and level again.

  1. First, use a large nail and a hammer to tap the hinge pins loose from their housing.
  2. Once they’re tapped out enough, remove them completely.
  3. Next, remove the door from the hinges.
  4. After that, use a flathead screwdriver to chip away any paint that may be between the casing and the door jamb.
  5. Next, place your flat pry bar behind the casing and push or pull gently to loosen it.
  6. Remove the casing from the area.
  7. After that, use a large level to assess the hinge-side door jamb.
  8. If it’s not level, use a hammer and nails to install wood shims and level it out. Make sure you start at the bottom and work towards the top.
  9. Once your shims are in place, use a saw to remove any excess wood.
  10. After the hinge-side door jamb is level, move on to the header.
  11. Use your large level to assess the header.
  12. If the header isn’t level, repeat step 8, working from one side to the other.
  13. As you work, make sure that you check (and double-check) the gap between your door frame and the rough opening. It should be even all the way around.
  14. Once your door frame is level, reinstall your casing.
  15. After that, reinstall your door.

Tools & Materials

  • Large nail
  • Hammer
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Pry bar
  • Large level
  • Wood shims
  • Nails
  • Saw

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