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How to Measure a Storm Door

A storm door fits onto your house a little differently than the main door. Instead of being recessed inside the frame, the storm door attaches to the exterior trim. The steps for how to measure a storm door go into detail about how to collect accurate measurements. Once you know the size, you can decide what style of storm door to order. You can expect them to come as pre-hung products. You only need to screw them into place on the exterior trim. Most doors are constructed of aluminum. This metal is both strong and lightweight. Some manufacturers offer a range of colors for matching your home’s trim. You’ll need to decide if you want a storm door with a full panel window or a half panel. Some doors have half panels that slide up and down to expose a screen. Other styles have a full panel of glass that you swap with a screen panel in the warm weather.

Benefits of Installing a Storm Door

If you don’t already have a storm door, adding one will improve your home. First of all, a storm door blocks harsh wind and rain from touching the main door. This barrier reduces drafts and lessens strain on your heating and cooling system. A storm door with a screen window introduces more ventilation. You can open the main door and allow a fresh breeze to flow in through the screen. Storm doors come with latches so that you can keep them locked.

How to Measure a Storm Door Directions

  1. Examine your door frame to see if you have room to install a storm door. A narrow frame might prevent installation because the storm door’s knob would hit the main door.
  2. Measure the width and depth of the brick molding. You need at least 1 inch in both directions to attach the storm door. If the trim is too small, attach more brick molding to enable storm door installation.
  3. Once you confirm that you have enough trim for installation, check the depth of the door frame. If it’s at least 4 inches, then you should have room for the door knobs on both doors.
  4. Next, consider which way the door will open. People usually place the storm door hinges on the same side of the frame as the main door hinges.
  5. Picture how the storm door will swing outward. Are there any obstacles, like a porch railing?
  6. Once you know that the door can swing open without obstruction, write down which side the hinges will be on your door.
  7. Now you’re ready to complete the steps for how to measure a storm door. You may need a step stool for this part.
  8. Place the measuring tape against the middle of the threshold (door sill) and extend upward to the bottom of the header. The header is the uppermost piece of trim over the door.
  9. Write down this height dimension in inches.
  10. Take two more height measurements from the right and left sides of the door. Write them down.
  11. Select the shortest height measurement.
  12. To find the width, set the measuring tape against the interior edge of the door trim. Make sure that you’re working with the door trim and not the edge of the door frame.
  13. Extend the tape to the inner edge of the trim on the opposite side. Write down the width in inches.
  14. Collect three width measurements from the top, middle, and bottom of the door opening.
  15. Select the shortest width measurement.
  16. Round up the dimensions to the nearest full inch.

Tools & Materials

  • Measuring tape
  • A Step stool
  • Pen and paper

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