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How to Measure for a Screen Door

A screen door is a great way to bring fresh air and light into your home. Measuring the opening for a new screen door is slightly different than measuring for an entry door. A screen door normally attaches to the exterior door trim and stops against the door jamb. When following the steps for how to measure for a screen door, make sure that your measuring from the door trim (the pieces along the sides and top that cover the edges.) It is also sometimes called brick molding.

How to Measure for a Screen Door Replacement

  1. To measure door width, place the tape measure tip on the inside trim edge and extend across the door to the inside trim edge on the opposite side.
  2. Take 3 width measurements from the top, middle, and lower portions of the door opening.
    1. Write down all 3 measurements.
  3. If the measurement figures for the width vary, keep the longest width measurement on your paper.
  4. To measure door height, start on the left side of the opening.
  5. Position tape measure tip at the inside edge of the top trim.
  6. Extend tape measure to lowest part of the top of the door sill at the bottom of the door opening.
    1. Some sills slant down from the door slightly, and you should measure to the lowest part of the sloping surface.
  7. Record height measurement.
  8. Take another height measurement on the right side of the door opening.
    1. Write down second height measurement and compare to first height measurement.
    2. If the lengths vary, choose the longest one when ordering a new screen door.
  9. Measure the depth of the door trim.
    1. This dimension is important for determining the fit of door hardware.

Tools & Materials

  • Tape measure
  • Pen and paper
  • Step ladder, if needed

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