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How to Remove a Sliding Glass Door

You’ll want a partner to help you take out a sliding glass door. You don’t want to risk dropping and smashing the large and cumbersome door panels. When following the instruction on how to remove a sliding glass door, aside from physical help, you should only really need a couple screwdrivers.

Directions for How to Remove a Sliding Glass Door

  1. Clear a 10-foot area so that you have room to move the door panels.
  2. Spread some thick blankets or foam sheets on the floor.
  3. With a flat-head screwdriver, lift the screen door from the bottom until rollers come off track.
  4. Lift and tilt screen door out and set out of the way.
  5. Pop off threshold cover and other trim with a flat-head screwdriver.
  6. Find the roller adjusting screws on the top and bottom edge of the sliding glass door panel.
  7. Loosen those screws with a screwdriver. This reduces tension on the rollers in the track.
  8. After loosening the screws, see if the track has an indented area for aiding the removal of the panel.
  9. Move the door to the indent and lift the sliding panel upward until bottom comes off track.
  10. Tilt and lift out sliding panel and set aside.
  11. Look at the top of the stationary panel and locate the piece that keeps it from moving.
  12. Loosen the screws holding the track cap in place and take it out completely.
  13. Look for brackets holding the stationary panel to the door frame.
  14. Unscrew all brackets.
  15. Lift the panel until it comes off the track.
  16. Tilt the panel outward and set it aside.
  17. If you’re redoing the whole door frame, remove all of the mounting screws on the track and surrounding frame.
  18. Pry off door frame pieces.
  19. The opening is now ready for a new door installation.

Tools & Materials

  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Thick blankets or foam sheets

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