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How to Seal a Door

Weather stripping helps eliminate drafts around an exterior door. After learning how to seal a door, your home should be noticeably more comfortable. Homeowners typically select wrapped foam weather stripping for the top and sides of a door frame. To stop leaks at the bottom of the door, attach a metal door sweep with a vinyl flap. If thick carpeting would block this type of door sweep, we’d suggest you purchase flexible vinyl stripping designed for the door’s threshold.

How to Seal a Door Process

  1. Check for loose door hinges and tighten screws if necessary.
  2. Remove old weather stripping with a putty knife or paint scraper.
  3. Clean the door frame’s edges.
  4. Scrape out grime lodged in the threshold’s grooves.
  5. Measure the door frame along the sides and top.
    1. Keep track of which measurement is for the right and left because they might vary slightly.
  6. Cut the top piece of foam stripping with sharp scissors.
    1. Angle the ends because you will be making mitered corners with the side pieces of stripping.
  7. Tack the top piece in position with 1-1/2 inch nails.
    1. Keep nails 2 inches away from the ends.
  8. Cut the side pieces of stripping with angles to meet the angled ends of the top piece.
    1. The bottom ends of the side stripping should be kept straight.
  9. Nail the side pieces to the frame.
  10. Open and close the door to confirm that the stripping is blocking drafts while still allowing the door to latch.
  11. If necessary, adjust weather stripping to create a continuous air barrier.

If attaching a metal door sweep:

  1. Measure across the bottom of the inside of your door.
  2. Cut the door sweep as necessary with a saw to ensure it fits along the bottom of the door.
  3. Mark the holes where the door sweep screws will go and drill them.
  4. Attach the door sweep with screws and insert the bottom vinyl flap.

If you had to use a vinyl threshold-mounted door sweep instead:

  1. Cut it to size.
  2. Press the door sweep into the threshold grooves.

Tools & Materials

Prepare a clear work space near your door so that you have room to measure and cut weather stripping.
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Rags
  • Screwdrivers
  • Paint scraper or putty knife
  • Measuring tape
  • Sharp scissors
  • Hack saw
  • Hammer
  • Power drill

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