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How to Cut Gutters

Aluminum gutters are durable, but cutting the material requires some care and patience to achieve good results. The effort will be worthwhile because well-fitted aluminum gutters direct water away from your home’s foundation. As you follow the directions for how to cut gutters, watch out for sharp metal edges. Be sure to wear work gloves to avoid nicking your hands.

Steps for How to Cut Gutters

  1. Set up a work table.
  2. Flip a section of aluminum gutter upside down and set it on the table.
  3. Measure the length that you need to cut and make a pencil mark on the bottom of the gutter.
  4. Use the edge of the combination square to extend the pencil mark around both sides of the gutter.
  5. Turn the gutter section over so that you can hold it by one side.
  6. Start cutting on an outer flange edge with the pattern shears.
    1. Work slowly so that you can maintain a straight cut and limit the crinkling of metal.
  7. Cut until you reach the bottom of the gutter.
  8. Switch to other side of the gutter and cut down the line until you reach the bottom again.
  9. Bend the gutter slightly away from the cut sides to expose the bottom.
  10. Cut across the bottom.
  11. File down the sharp edges left behind by the cutting process.
  12. Repeat the steps for every section that you have to cut and install.

Tools & Materials

Pattern shears are the ideal tool for this job. This style of tin snip has long handles and narrow cutting jaws.
  • Measuring tape
  • Carpenter's pencil
  • Combination square
  • Pattern shears (tin snips)
  • Work table
  • Fine-tooth file
  • Leather work gloves

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