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How to Install a Gutter Downspout

Attaching a gutter downspout is a fairly easy task for most homeowners. The directions for how to install a gutter downspout will vary slightly depending on the overhang of your roof. If the eave of your home extends beyond the wall, you’ll need to use more elbows. A roof with little to no overhang will allow you to bring the downspout straight down the wall and will require only need one elbow at the bottom.

Learn How to Install a Gutter Downspout

  1. If you need to angle the downspout beneath the roof overhang toward the wall, place an elbow at the top in the gutter drain hole.
  2. Attach the elbow with a screw to the downspout sleeve fitted into the gutter.
  3. Hold the second elbow against the wall and measure from its top hole to the bottom hole of the top elbow.
  4. Add 4 inches to the measurement and cut a short section of downspout with a hacksaw.
  5. Use a gutter crimper to crimp the edges of this section. Insert it into the second elbow.
  6. Insert the gutter section with the second elbow into the top elbow. The pieces should hold loosely in place while you continue to work.
  7. Measure from the bottom of the second elbow to the ground and subtract 7 inches from that figure.
  8. Cut the longer section of downspout with a hacksaw.
  9. Slip the long section of downspout over the second elbow.
  10. Attach downspout straps below the joint with the second elbow and above the joint with the bottom elbow. Your siding determines the screws or anchors that you can use. You can drill holes into studs beneath vinyl siding and use wood screws. Without studs you’ll need anchors for the screws. Concrete or brick walls require a drill bit and screws for that material.
  11. Wrap straps around the downspout. Secure straps on the outside with a downspout screw.
  12. Attach a final elbow at the bottom to direct water away from the foundation.
  13. Secure all joints with downspout screws.
  14. Spray a bit of paint over the downspout screws as a final touch.

Tools & Materials

  • Hacksaw
  • Gutter crimper
  • Aluminum or steel downspout
  • 1 or more elbows
  • Downspout screws
  • Power drill
  • Work gloves
  • Spray paint that matches downspout color

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