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How to Install Gutter Drains

Gutter drains are an essential part of your home drainage system. They are what carry water away from your home and because of this, they need to be installed properly. If you don’t like the sight of a long downspout or you need to carry water far away from your home, install your drains underground. Here, our home improvement experts share how to install gutter drains:

  1. First, decide what path you want your drainage system to follow.
  2. Next, use a shovel to dig a trench along the path. Make sure the trench is wide enough to fit your PVC piping.
  3. If necessary, connect your pipe pieces using pipe cement in order to fill the trench.
  4. Lay your piping inside the trench and ensure it’s the right length to move your water away from your home.
  5. Use your pipe cement to attach your PVC tee to the end of your piping in order to drain the water properly.
  6. After that, attach your drain cover to the part of your tee that faces upward. Use screws or pipe cement, depending on the style of your cover.
  7. Next, run a large bead of gutter sealant along the inside of your flexible spout.
  8. Attach your flexible spout to the bottom of your downspout. Make sure the spout is on the outside of the downspout.
  9. Next, use your screwdriver and screws to secure the two pieces together.
  10. Apply another small bead of gutter sealant to the rim to ensure the pieces are sealed.
  11. After that, run a large bead of gutter sealant along the outside of the bottom of your spout.
  12. Place the opening of your PVC pipe over the bottom of your spout.
  13. Check again to make sure your piping ends at the right place in your trench.
  14. Next, use your garden hose to run water through your gutter system. Check for any leaks in your connections.
  15. If everything is sealed correctly, backfill your trench and smooth it down. Make sure not to fill in the drain cover at the end of your piping.

Tools & Materials

  • Shovel
  • PVC piping
  • PVC tee
  • Drain cover
  • Pipe cement
  • Flexible spout
  • Screwdriver, screws
  • Garden hose

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