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How to Connect Gutter Downspouts

Rain gutters with downspouts are essential for directing rainwater and melting snow away from your house. After getting your new rain gutters attached, you’ll need to know how to connect the gutter downspouts. Small roofs of roughly 600 square feet only need 2×3 inch downspouts. Larger roofs will collect more water and need gutters fitted with 3×4 inch downspouts. For really big roofs, you can find 4×5 inch downspouts. To avoid overflowing gutters, downspouts should be placed at least every 40 feet. If you live in the Delaware Valley and would like help from the professionals with your gutter replacement, contact PJ Fitzpatrick today. We’ve been the most trusted name in the area since 1980

Directions for How to Connect Gutter Downspouts

  1. Connect an elbow to the gutter opening for the downspout with two sheet metal screws. It should bend toward the house wall.
  2. Fit another elbow onto the first elbow. It will form a slight S shape.
  3. Strap the bottom elbow to the wall with a U-shaped gutter bracket.
  4. Place the tape measure on the bottom rim of the lowest elbow.
  5. Measure from that point to the top of the bottom elbow near the foundation.
  6. Add 3 inches to this measurement to account for fitting overlapping pieces together.
  7. A downspout section is usually 10 feet long. If the length you need is more than 10 feet, then you will have to fit two pieces together.
  8. Mark where you need to cut a downspout with a straight edge and a marker.
  9. Cut the section to size using a hacksaw and tin snips.
  10. Connect the top section of downspout to the bottom section by crimping its edges.
  11. A special downspout crimper tool will do this, but you can use needle-nose pliers.
  12. Crimp all the way around the downspout to a depth of at least 1 inch.
  13. Insert the top crimped section into the lower section as far as it will go.
  14. Secure the seam with two sheet metal screws.
  15. Insert the downspout into the elbow assembly beneath the gutter.
  16. Secure the connection with sheet metal screws.
  17. Attach the bottom elbow.
  18. Screw more U-shaped brackets over the downspout and into the wall to hold it in place.
  19. Fit a downspout extension onto the bottom elbow. This part makes sure that water is deposited away from the foundation.

Tools & Materials

  • Measuring tape
  • Straight edge
  • Marker
  • Tin snips
  • Hacksaw
  • Gutter crimper tool or needle-nose pliers
  • Power drill
  • Ladder

Professional Gutter Installation by PJ Fitzpatrick

Learning how to connect gutter downspouts is only one part of building an effective gutter system. If your gutters have been overflowing, you may need to add more downspouts or larger gutters. A good gutter system will protect your roof and foundation from water damage. For advice and expert service, you can talk to the gutter specialists at PJ Fitzpatrick. We build and repair gutters in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Get ready for the next heavy rain by asking us for a gutter estimate today. We also offer professional gutter cleaning and gutter guard installation services.

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