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How to Remove Gutter Guards

Gutter guards definitely slow down the buildup of dirt and debris that will clog your gutters. Even so, dirt eventually infiltrates any kind of gutter protection system. Your home will have one of the five major styles of gutter guards. Once you determine which style is present, follow the directions for how to remove gutter guards for that specific type. Whenever you’re working on a ladder, always make sure that your ladder is stable before climbing up to the gutter.

How to Remove Gutter Guards Steps

Depending on the style of gutter guard installed, you will have different methods to remove them to clean your gutters.

For perforated gutter guards:

  1. Examine the guards to determine if they are snapped into place or held with screws.
  2. Brush away debris.
  3. Loosen screws or pry apart snapped together edges with a screwdriver.
  4. As you lift away gutter guard sections, lower them gently to the ground to avoid bending them.

For metal mesh gutter guards:

  1. Locate screws or snapping mechanisms.
  2. Clean away debris.
  3. Remove screws or pry out sections.
  4. Take care not to damage sections as you lower them to the ground.

For reverse-curve gutter guards:

  1. Identify where screws are holding guards in place.
  2. Wipe away debris
  3. Take out screws.
  4. Carefully slide gutter guards out from under the roofline or away from fascia.
  5. Gently lower guard sections to the ground.

For brush gutter guards:

  1. Pick debris out of bristles.
  2. Simply lift brush sections out of gutter.

For foam gutter guards:

  1. Brush debris off of foam inserts.
  2. Lift foam guards out of gutter.

For all gutter guards:

  1. After removing gutter guards, spread drop cloths on ground beneath gutters.
  2. Scoop out debris onto drop cloths.
  3. Spray gutters clean with hose.
  4. Reinstall old gutter guards or replace them if necessary.

Tools & Materials

  • Ladder
  • Power drill or screwdriver
  • Garden hose with spray nozzle
  • Drop cloths

Talk to the Gutter Specialists

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