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How to Repair Leaking Gutters

Water leaks tend to worsen with time. In the case of gutters, the force of water eventually widens a small hole in cracked sealants. Physical damage can put a hole in the gutters as well. For the most part, how to repair leaking gutters involves redoing sealants or installing a patch. Restoring your gutters will protect your home’s walls and foundation from water exposure.

How to Repair Leaking Gutters Step by Step

Leaking gutter end cap:

  1. Place a ladder on stable ground and climb up to the end cap.
  2. Scoop out debris with a trowel if the gutter is dirty or clogged.
  3. Spray off the area with a hose and dry with a rag.
  4. If the old end cap is not secured with screws, pry it off with a claw hammer.
  5. If screws secure the old end cap, remove them with a screwdriver or power drill.
  6. Scrape and scrub off old sealant with a putty knife and wire brush.
  7. Test fit your new gutter end cap.
  8. You may need to adjust bent metal edges with pliers to get it to fit.
  9. Working with a tube of butyl rubber caulk, squeeze the sealant into the groove of the end cap.
  10. Stick the end cap to the gutter.
  11. Wipe off excess sealant.
  12. Tighten the edges of the end cap with a metal crimping tool.
  13. While wearing latex gloves, press more sealant into the inside seam of the end cap.

Hole in gutter:

  1. Clean the area around the hole in the metal.
  2. Scoop and rinse away debris.
  3. Wash the area with warm soapy water.
  4. Dry the area with a rag.
  5. Cut a piece of metal flashing with tin snips at least 1 inch larger than the hole on all sides.
  6. If patching a flat area, pound the flashing flat with a hammer against a hard surface.
  7. If you need to patch a curve or crevice, bend the flashing with pliers to make it fit.
  8. Put on latex gloves and apply butyl rubber caulk generously around the hole.
  9. Push the flashing onto the sealant.
  10. Smooth the sealant around the edges of the patch with a putty knife.

Leaking gutter joints:

  1. Clean out all debris near the leaking joint and rinse the gutter with a hose.
  2. Wash with warm soapy water and pat dry with a rag.
  3. Scrub off visible old sealant with a wire brush.
  4. Squeeze butyl rubber caulk over the entire joint.
  5. Put on latex gloves and press sealant into the seams. Add more sealant if you need to.
  6. Wipe the sealant smooth across the joints with a putty knife.

Tools & Materials

You won't necessarily need all of these items depending on the type of repair. See the how to repair leaking gutters directions for your specific gutter leak.
  • Ladder
  • Trowel
  • Garden hose with sprayer
  • Bucket with soapy water
  • Rags
  • Wire brush
  • Tin snips
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Putty knife
  • Latex gloves
  • Hammer
  • Metal crimping tool
  • Level

Benefits of Professional Gutter Repair

Throughout the Mid Atlantic, homeowners trust PJ Fitzpatrick with their gutter repairs. Old gutters with multiple leaks could really benefit from our attention. Reasons to call us include dislike of working on ladders or not enough time for the project. Also, keep in mind that not all gutter problems come from leaks. Your gutters could overflow if the pitch is wrong or the brackets are failing. For fast results, contact us about your gutter problems right away.

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