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How to Seal Gutters

The sealant on your gutters can deteriorate over time creating leaks. An annual inspection will alert you to emerging problems so that you can nip them in the bud. Even small leaks at gutter joints can cause significant damage. Leaking water might penetrate a wall and rot the structure or flood your basement. Fortunately, anyone comfortable working on a ladder can learn how to seal gutters. A couple hours of effort will ensure that your gutters continue to direct water away from your home properly.

Steps for How to Seal Gutters

  1. Use a ladder that extends a couple feet beyond the gutter and always position it on stable ground.
  2. Clean dirt and debris from gutters if you have not already done so.
  3. Choose a dry day for fixing leaks so that sealant can cure under optimal conditions.
  4. Inspect all gutter seams, including corners, end caps, and downspouts, to locate cracked or missing sealant.
  5. Apply new sealant along seams and small holes. Sealant should always be applied on the inside of the gutter. This prevents crevices that might hold water and keeps the exterior appearance of the gutters smooth and attractive.
  6. Smooth the sealant so that water can easily flow over it.
  7. If you encounter a big hole, you can build a patch. Use tin snips to cut some metal from a soda can and stick the patch in place with sealant.

Tools & Materials

You’ll want to select a gutter sealant that is butyl rubber, polymer, or urethane based. These products expand and contract with temperature changes.
  • Ladder
  • Caulking gun
  • Plastic or wooden stick
  • Tin snips

Professional Gutter Repairs

In some situations, following the directions for how to seal gutters won’t solve the problem. Gutters which are broken or bent by strong winds need to be replaced. If you’ve been troubled by ice dams, you might need a professional assessment to identify a solution. The gutter specialists at PJ Fitzpatrick can quickly fix any problems with your gutters. Request an estimate today for more information.

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