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How to Install a Ring Doorbell on Vinyl Siding

Ring Video Doorbells are a popular home upgrade now that deliveries have become more prevalent in our daily lives. The product comes with a back plate, which is the part that you’ll attach to your house. The doorbell mechanism then fits onto this plate. Before learning how to install a Ring Doorbell on vinyl siding, decide if you’ll mount the unit at an angle. The kit comes with wedges that allow you to adjust the camera by 5, 10, or 15 degrees. Angling the camera downward prevents it from recording everything on a nearby street.

How to Install a Ring Doorbell on Vinyl Siding Directions

  1. Choose the location for the Ring Doorbell.
  2. Decide if you want to mount it at an angle. If not, proceed to Step 9.
  3. Select the wedge with the angle that you desire.
  4. Tape the wedge in place.
    1. Make sure that it is level and straight.
  5. Select a drill bit of the appropriate size and drill starter holes into the siding through the wedge holes.
  6. Using a screwdriver bit, install the 2 screws through the wedge and the siding.
    1. Take off the tape.
  7. Find the small mounting screws for the back plate and install the plate to the wedge.
  8. Slide the doorbell unit into the back plate until it clicks in firmly.
  9. If no wedge is needed, tape the back plate to the desired location.
  10. Put the little level on the back plate and adjust as necessary to ensure it is straight.
  11. Drill through the 4 back plate holes into the siding.
  12. Select the long mounting screws for the back plate and screw them into the siding.
  13. Remove the tape and level.
  14. Slide the Ring Doorbell into the back plate and proceed with setting it up with your mobile phone.

Tools & Materials

  • Screws and mounting level are included with the installation kit
  • Power drill
  • Masking tape

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