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How to Clean Roof Shingles

Throughout the year, your asphalt shingles are subject to moisture and debris and can eventually show signs of dirt. Cleaning your roof shingles is a great way to maintain your roof’s look and integrity and it only takes a few tools. Here, our roofing experts explain how to clean roof shingles:

  1. Safety is important, so before you begin your roof cleaning process, make sure you have a pair of rubber gloves and a pair of non-slip shoes. You’ll also want to wear old clothes in case you get any cleaner on them.
  2. Start by choosing a cool, overcast day that doesn’t call for high winds.
  3. Then, use your tarps to cover any vegetation that’s underneath your overhang. This will protect them from the cleaner run-off.
  4. Next, make sure your gutters are clean so that they can drain properly. (For tips on cleaning them, visit our How to Clean Gutters and Downspouts page.)
  5. Mix your roof cleaner with water according to the instructions and pour the mixture into your pump sprayer.
  6. After that, set your ladder up so that it sits securely against your roof and climb up.
  7. Use your garden hose and spray your roof with a coat of water to cool it down and prevent the cleaner from drying too quickly.
  8. Then, spray your cleaner onto your shingles in a smooth, even coat.
  9. Wait about 20 minutes, then rinse off the shingles with your garden hose (use the most powerful spray setting available).
  10. Once you’ve finished cleaning your roof, spray on your stain-blocking roof protectant to help prevent algae growth or regrowth in the future.
  11. After that, remove your vegetation tarps and clean out your pump sprayer.

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Tools & Materials

  • Safe, Non-Corrosive Roof Cleaner
  • Stain-Blocking Roof Protectant
  • Pump Sprayer
  • Ladder
  • Garden Hose
  • Hose Nozzle (with powerful spray setting)
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Old Clothes
  • Non-Slip Shoes
  • Tarps

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