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How to Tarp a Roof Without Nails

Has the latest rain storm revealed a leak in your roof? Worse yet, has a storm torn off shingles or sent a tree branch through the roof? No matter the cause of your roof issue, you need to get a tarp over the damage right away. A self-adhesive tarp makes it possible to patch your roof quickly without causing any additional damage. With the help of a friend, you can learn how to tarp a roof without nails. As always when working on a roof, wear nonskid shoes and exercise caution at all times. Home improvement stores also sell roof harnesses that you should put on to protect yourself from the very real danger of falling.

Instructions for How to Tarp a Roof Without Nails

  1. Wait for the bad weather to pass before mounting your roof.
  2. Place the ladder on level ground and climb up to the damaged area.
  3. If using a roof harness, follow the product’s directions for securing yourself.
  4. Find the areas where leaks are entering your home.
  5. Clean off dirt and debris.
  6. Measure the damaged area and add several feet to each side to ensure good coverage.
  7. Select a self-adhesive tarp large enough to cover the damage and overlap the roof peak by at least 4 feet.
  8. Check product packaging to confirm that the adhesive is meant for your type of shingles.
  9. The adhesive strips on the tarp require a dry surface.
  10. If the roof is wet, blow-dry the tarp attachment areas with a heat gun.
  11. Have a partner help you spread the tarp over the roof peak and over the leak.
  12. Make sure that the tarp is smooth and flat against the roof.
  13. Secure the edges with the adhesive.
  14. Fill sandbags and place them along the edges of the tarp.
  15. The narrow end of each sandbag needs to face either up or down the slope of the roof.
  16. Make arrangements to get the roof permanently repaired by a licensed professional.

Tools & Materials

  • Extension ladder
  • Measuring tape
  • Self-adhesive tarp
  • Heat gun
  • Extension cord
  • Sandbags

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