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How to Choose a Roof Color for a Brick House

Brick homes present some challenges when choosing the color of a new roof. Bricks make a big color statement on their own. They can possess multiple colors when you look at them closely. Builders used bricks throughout many time periods and the styles of brick homes can vary substantially. You may also want to consider current style trends when learning how to choose a roof color for a brick house. Despite the variables, these tips will help you make a final decision. If you own a home in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey that’s in need of a new roof, contact the home improvement experts at PJ Fitzpatrick. Our team of experts has been offering roof replacement services since 1980.

Understand Your Brick Colorcast

Manufacturers make bricks from clay and other materials like lime, sand, and fly ash. Brick materials determine the colorcast of a brick. Iron oxide rich clays produce reddish bricks, and lime heavy clays yield pale bricks. When you look at the bricks on your home closely, you’ll likely see a main color and underlying color element, or its colorcast.

Learning how to choose a roof color for a brick house relies on identifying the less prominent colorcast. By selecting a roof color that matches or complements this colorcast, you achieve a unified and pleasing appearance.

  • Warm roof colors work with tan or gold brick colorcasts.
  • Cooler, gray roof colors suit gray brick colorcasts.
  • Any medium intensity color matches bricks with white colorcasts.
  • Most roof colors work with red brick colorcasts as long as the trim matches the roof.
  • Medium tones of gray work for a roof over a pinkish/red brick colorcast.

Color blends on roof shingles may contain anywhere from 2 to 7 colors. You should pick a shingle with at least 1 matching color to the brick colorcast.

Try Not to Deviate from Your Home’s Style

You may want to research the traditional colors linked to your home’s architectural style. Throughout history different building periods adopted different color palettes. Going with a historical color scheme produces an authentic look. For instance, farmhouse-style homes look best with dark roofs. You will also want to be sure to select a trim color that matches the roofing.

Think About Sun and Shade

The four seasons in the Delaware Valley and overall wet climate influence shingle color choice as well. If your roof has been prone to developing dark streaks due to algae growth, then dark shingles would hide that problem. Roofs shaded by trees or that face North tend to experience algae stains. New shingles contain treatments that lessen algae growth, which may reduce the importance of this factor.

Choose a Roof Color for Your Brick House

To make a final decision, you need to get shingle product samples. You can hold them next to the bricks in natural light and evaluate how they complement the colorcast. The roofers at PJ Fitzpatrick offer shingles in many colors and styles. Homeowners have trusted us for roof replacements for decades. Contact us about a roof estimate today.

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