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How to Shingle a Gambrel Roof

A gambrel roof has two different slopes on each side of the structure. The lower slope will often be the longest and will be quite steep while the upper slope up to the ridge has a gentler pitch. The joint where the different roof slopes meet is the transition. Learning how to shingle a gambrel roof is done in a similar way to shingling a single slope roof. However, you need to perform some special steps when shingling the transition. If you live in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey and need help with your roof replacement, contact the expert roofers at PJ Fitzpatrick today. We’ve been the most trusted home improvement company in the area since 1980.

How to Shingle a Gambrel Roof Directions

  1. Acquire and install a safety harness for working on a steep roof.
  2. Measure the length and width of each sloping section of the roof.
  3. Multiply the dimensions of each section individually to calculate square footage.
  4. Add together the square footage calculated for all individual sections.
  5. Increase the total square footage by 5% (multiply total by 1.05)
  6. Purchase enough 3-tab asphalt shingle packages to cover the square footage calculated in Step 5.
  7. Wait for a warm and sunny day to install asphalt shingles because the warmth makes the shingles more flexible. Flexibility helps bend the shingles on the transitions.
  8. Start at a bottom corner of the lower roof section.
  9. Using galvanized roofing nails, attach each 3-tab shingle with four nails.
  10. Complete the first bottom row.
  11. Stagger the next row of shingles so that the tab gaps are offset.
    1. Trim off one tab with a utility knife to get a starter shingle that is offset.
  12. Continue nailing offset rows of shingles until you reach the transition.
  13. Nail down the upper edge of the shingles that extends up and over the transition.
  14. Position the next row of shingles on the upper slope so that the tabs extend over the transition edge.
  15. Bend the shingle over the transition and nail it on the upper section of the roof.
  16. To secure the bent tabs over the transition, brush shingle adhesive underneath the tabs.
  17. Push the bent shingle against the lower roof section and hold briefly so that the adhesive takes hold.
    1. Consult the adhesive packaging for guidance on how long to hold the shingle.
    2. Do not nail the glued tabs because that creates a nail hole exposed to the elements.
  18. Continue nailing, bending, and gluing the shingles over the transition edge.
  19. After completing the transition, continue shingling the upper section of roof as you would any roof.
  20. Once all sides of the roof are shingled, install ridge cap shingles along the peak.

Tools & Materials

  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer
  • Utility knife (A hooked blade works best for shingle trimming.)
  • Shingle adhesive brush

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