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How to Choose the Right Siding Color for Your Home

You should give extra attention to the task of choosing the color for your new siding. It will determine how you and others perceive your home for years to come. How to choose the right siding color for your home depends on several variables. You need to think about your home’s architectural style, landscape, and personal taste. Don’t rush your decision. It’s perfectly acceptable to spend several days pondering your options.

How to Choose the Right Siding Color for Your Home

  1. Identify your home’s architectural style. It could be a craftsman, contemporary, colonial, farmhouse, Victorian, or something else. Some styles have traditional color schemes associated with them. Some have more flexibility than others in color choices, such as contemporary.
  2. Get a color wheel. You could get a paper one or use one online. The wheel helps you evaluate how colors contrast with each other or complement each other.
  3. Decide if you want siding in a warm or cool color. The color wheel groups colors according to their temperature association. Warm colors are red, yellow, and orange. Cool colors are green, blue, and purple. Some colors are in between.
  4. Think about your landscape. Are you hoping for a home that blends with the landscape with Earth tones like brown or green? Do you have flowering annuals that would look good with a specific siding color? Would you rather have your home pop from the landscape with a bright color, like red or yellow?
  5. Ask yourself if you want to stick with traditional colors for your style of home. Or would you rather get creative? Craftsman, colonial, and Victorian homes tend to work with their own traditional color palettes.
  6. Consider the color of your roof. On top of picking out siding and trim colors that coordinate well, you need them to match the roof.
  7. Evaluate your neighborhood’s character. Some neighborhoods were built rapidly and therefore have a cohesive style. You may want to stick with the colors prevalent on your street unless you have a strong desire to be unique. Other neighborhoods have a mixed character to begin with because they have homes from different eras. When there’s no obvious neighborhood theme, you have more freedom to do what you want.
  8. Check with your homeowners association. If you’re in an association, there could be rules about what siding colors you can use.
  9. Visit siding suppliers. Collect swatch samples of their siding products.
  10. Tape the color swatches outside your home.
  11. Over the course of a few days, check the color samples in different lighting conditions. Colors can look quite different on sunny or cloudy days.
  12. Make your final decision based on all variables.

Tools & Materials

  • Color wheel
  • Siding color swatches

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