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How to Install Vertical Siding

Vertical siding provides an interesting alternative to the horizontal siding that you see everywhere. Like most vinyl siding products, its fairly easy to install. Simply follow these steps to learn how to install vertical siding to upgrade your home’s appearance.

How to Install Vertical Siding Directions

  1. Prepare your wall with solid sheathing like OSB that can hold a nail.
    1. If no sheathing is present, use horizontal 1 x 2 furring strips.
    2. Place additional furring strips along all edges of windows and doors.
  2. Starting 1 inch from a corner, nail J channels along bottom of wall.
    1. Overlap J channels by 1 inch as you go.
    2. Trip overlapping J channel pieces to allow 1/8 inch gap along top edges.
  3. Drill 3/16 inch weeping holes in bottom of J channel every 12 inches.
  4. Install J channels around all doors and windows.
  5. Attach corner posts.
    1. Corner post should hang 1/4 inch lower than J channel.
    2. Place the first nail in the top of the highest nail opening.
    3. Use the level to confirm that the corner post is plumb.
  6. Place remaining nails in corner posts in center of nail openings every 12 inches.
  7. Install under-sill trim along top edges of walls.
  8. Measure your wall’s width and find the center point.
  9. Using a plumb bob, make a straight line down the center point.
  10. Center the first siding panel over the line.
  11. Cut panels 1/8 inch shorter to allow room for expansion.
  12. Insert the panel into the top channel and set it on the base trim.
  13. Divide width of wall by width of a vertical panel.
  14. If you’ll need to use a partial panel, split the leftover portions between both ends of the wall.
  15. Lock panels together as you go.
  16. Nail panels in place every 8 to 16 inches.
  17. At the corner posts, install a J-channel or under-sill trim along the posts as recommended by the siding manufacturer.
  18. Shim the J-channel if necessary to keep it lined up properly.
  19. Insert panel edges into corner post assemblies.

Tools & Materials

One of the things that makes this a great do-it-yourself job is that no expensive tools are needed.
  • Hammer
  • Plumb bob
  • Measuring tape
  • Saw
  • Power drill
  • Level

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