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How To Replace Home Siding

Many homes throughout the Mid Atlantic have vinyl siding. This material is relatively easy to work with and maintain. If you’re a handy person, you can follow the directions for how to replace home siding. If you need siding repair at higher levels, you may want to hire a pro. Working on a ladder has some risks, and you may need a partner to help move materials up and down. Take care to follow the cutting and nailing directions closely. Tightly fitted vinyl siding will buckle due to contraction and expansion from changing temperatures.

How to Replace Home Siding Step by Step

  1. Plan this project when the weather is warm or at least above freezing. Vinyl siding is brittle in cold weather.
  2. Before getting too involved in the project, locate replacement vinyl siding. If you’re lucky, you still have a few pieces left over from the original installation. Otherwise, take a piece of the broken siding to a siding store to find a match.
  3. If a siding supplier does not have a color match, you need to paint the replacement siding. Go to a paint store with the old siding and have a color match prepared in exterior acrylic house paint. Apply acrylic primer first and then apply the final color.
  4. To remove the damaged siding piece, insert the siding removal tool under the siding’s lower lip at one end.
  5. Wiggle and work the tool until it grabs the curled lip of the siding.
  6. Working with gentle force, slide the tool along the lip to unlock it from the lower piece of siding.
  7. Go along the entire length of siding to unlock it completely.
  8. Now repeat the process to unlock the undamaged row of siding above the piece you wish to replace.
  9. Once the upper row is disconnected, gently lift it up to expose the nailing flange.
  10. Slide your flat pry bar behind the damaged siding and pry out the nails.
  11. The upper piece of undamaged siding tends to get in the way of nail removal. Hold it up as best you can with an elbow while you work.
  12. How to replace home siding requires you to cut a new piece.
  13. Measure the length and make sure it leaves about 1/4 inch of free space on both ends. You don’t want the siding forced against the trim. It needs space to contract and expand.
  14. Mark a vertical line where you need to cut.
  15. Cut the siding with tin snips or an angle grinder. If you have to cut several pieces, you may want the angle grinder for the sake of speed.
  16. Position your new siding and lock its lower lip into the ridge of the siding below it.
  17. Drive roofing nails in the nailing flange of your new piece about every 12 to 16 inches.
  18. Position each nail in the center of the nailing holes.
  19. Do not hammer the nail tight against the siding. Leave 1/32 of an inch of space between the nail head and siding.
  20. Once all replacement pieces are installed, lock the upper piece of siding to the replacement piece.
  21. Use the siding replacement tool to grab the lip and force it into the locking ridge.
  22. Work the entire length of siding until it is completely locked.

Tools & Materials

  • Siding removal tool
  • Small flat pry bar
  • Measuring tape
  • Hammer
  • Tin snips or angle grinder

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