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How to Clean Siding

Dirt, grime, and algae will build up on your vinyl siding. This happens gradually, and you might not notice it until your home starts to look dull. Following the steps for how to clean siding will brighten up your home’s appearance considerably. This chore also gives you a good opportunity to inspect your home’s exterior for maintenance issues that may have gone unnoticed.

How to Clean Siding Directions

  1. Walk around your house to see if you have any stains or algae growth.
  2. After evaluating siding conditions, choose an appropriate cleaner for the job.
    1. Basic dirt and grime will come off with warm, soapy water or a commercial siding wash.
    2. For stains, bits of paint or tar, or other marks, get a nonabrasive bathtub cleaner for scrubbing those areas.
    3. Areas with algae or mildew growth could require scrubbing with bleach OR ammonia. Use one or the other. Never mix those cleaning agents due the poisonous gas that results from their chemical reaction.
  3. Start at the bottom row of siding.
  4. Apply cleaner with sponge or soft-bristle brush, wiping and scrubbing as necessary.
    1. A nylon scrubbing pad will be helpful for removing stuck-on bits.
  5. Rinse cleaner off completely with hose spray nozzle as you work your way up the wall.
    1. Do not allow cleaner and dirt residue to dry on siding.

Tools & Materials

  • Bucket
  • Large sponge
  • Soft-bristle brush with handle extension
  • Nylon scrubbing pad
  • Ladder
  • Hose with spray nozzle

Professional Siding Repair or Replacement

Wind, storms, and hail can batter and break siding on your home in the Delaware Valley. As you clean your siding, you may discover loose pieces, holes, or cracks. Mending these breaks is important to prevent water from penetrating your home. P.J. Fitzpatrick is a home improvement contractor that specializes in siding. We can help repair damaged siding or install replacement siding. We can also fix any problems that you notice with your windows, gutters, or doors. Our award-winning company offers a wide selection of home exterior services. Ask us for a siding estimate today.

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