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How to Patch Vinyl Siding

This DIY chore will protect your home from moisture penetration and fix an eyesore which will help restore your curb appeal. Before learning how to patch vinyl siding, you’ll need to find some leftover pieces of siding for your house. Hopefully some were stashed in the garage or shed when the siding was originally installed so that the colors match perfectly.

How to Patch Vinyl Siding Steps

  1. Wash the damaged area of siding with soapy water.
  2. Let dry completely, preferably on a sunny day.
  3. Find a piece of scrap vinyl siding that matches your house.
  4. Cut a section of siding that is several inches wider than the hole.
    1. Use yellow-handle tin snips to make straight vertical cuts to the siding.
  5. Place the siding scrap on a flat, stable work surface.
  6. With a sharp utility knife, cut off the nail strip.
  7. Score the siding with the knife and then bend and break off the strip.
  8. Cut away the outer lip on the buttlock on the bottom of the siding piece.
  9. Score the buttlock twice with the utility knife and then snap off.
  10. Do a dry fit of the patch over the damaged area.
    1. It should rest flush against the siding with the bottom fitting over the original siding.
  11. Take off the patch and apply a modest amount of caulk to its interior but not too close to the edges.
  12. Dab some caulk over the hole.
  13. Carefully place the patch in position and hold so that caulk can glue it in place.
  14. Clean away any caulk that might have squeezed out the edges.

Tools & Materials

  • Bucket and scrub brush
  • Yellow-handle tin snips
  • Utility knife
  • Caulking gun
  • Adhesive caulk rated for outdoor use

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