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How to Replace a Piece of Siding

A bad hailstorm or accident can crack or puncture vinyl siding. Not only is this unsightly, but the compromised exterior lets moisture penetrate the wall. By following the steps for how to replace a piece of siding, you can restore the appearance of your home.

How to Match Replacement Siding to Old Siding

The job of how to replace a piece of siding can get challenging because you need to match the color. Ideally, you’ll have a few pieces of siding in storage left over from when the siding was installed. The extra siding piece may look brighter because it has not been exposed to the elements. That slight difference will fade over time after you replace the broken piece.

If you need to buy a new siding piece, take out the broken piece and go to a building supply store. Match the color as best as you can. If this does not suit you, you have the option of painting a new piece. Select an exterior paint color that matches. Apply primer to the new siding first and then apply the paint color.

How to Replace a Piece of Siding

  1. Choose a day with moderate to warm temperatures to work. Vinyl siding gets brittle in the cold.
  2. On one end of the broken siding piece, insert the siding removal tool under the bottom edge.
  3. Move the tool until its hooked edge clicks into the lip of the siding.
  4. Now slowly slide the tool along the bottom edge. The tool will loosen the connection with the piece below the damaged siding.
  5. As you work toward the other end, gently pull the siding pieces apart.
  6. Repeat the unzipping process with the section of siding above the damaged siding.
  7. Lift the upper section of siding out of the way to expose the nailing flange of the damaged siding.
  8. Pry out the nails holding the broken siding. This part of how to replace a piece of siding can get awkward because the siding is in your way a little.
  9. After taking out the nails, move the broken siding off the wall and set aside.
  10. Lift the new piece of siding into position.
  11. Drive nails into the holes on the nailing flange about every 16 inches.
  12. Keep the nails near the center of the nailing holes without reusing the original nail holes.
  13. Do NOT drive the nails tight against the flange. Leave about 1/32nd of an inch of space between the nail head and the flange. Siding needs to be slightly loose to expand or contract during temperature shifts.
  14. Once all of the nails are in, slide the siding removal tool under the upper piece of siding.
  15. Grab the upper piece of siding with the tool and work along the entire edge to hook it back together with the ew siding.
  16. Twist the siding tool to pull the siding pieces together at the lip.

You can push the siding with your hand to help the pieces snap together as you work.

Tools & Materials

  • Siding removal tool
  • Prybar
  • Hammer

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