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How to Replace Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is incredibly durable. However, it can sometimes be damaged by a family member, the next-door neighbors, nature, and more. If you have a crack, hole, or break in your vinyl siding, replacing it is easy. You just need to find the same vinyl color. Here, our siding repair experts share how to replace vinyl siding that’s been damaged:

  1. First, locate the damaged piece(s) of vinyl siding that you want to replace.
  2. Next, start at one end of the damaged siding piece and slide your zip tool along the bottom edge of the piece.
  3. Once you feel the tool hook, pull the tool down and out to unhook the damaged piece from the piece below it.
  4.  Continue to slide the zip tool along the edge until the entire piece is freed.
  5. After that, slide your flat bar behind the vinyl siding.
  6. Use the flat bar to pry up the siding and remove the nails.
  7. Next, use a table saw or circular saw to cut a new piece of vinyl siding to the same size as the damaged one. (You can even use the damaged piece as a size guide.)
  8. Slide your new siding piece up into the open area and push up on it until the lower lip locks in with the piece of vinyl siding below it.
  9. After that, use your hammer and nails to drive a nail into the siding every eight to 12 inches or so. (We also recommend leaving about 1/8″ between each nail and the wall because siding expands.)
  10. Use your zip tool to grab and move the upper piece of vinyl siding over the new piece and lock it into place.

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Tools & Materials

  • Zip tool
  • Flat bar
  • New vinyl siding piece(s)
  • Table saw/Circular saw
  • Hammer, nails

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