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How to Measure Window Screens

You never think about window screens until they get broken. When replacing them, you must know how to measure window screens. Without accurate measurements, you’ll end up with a screen that does not fit properly.

If you have an old screen frame for the window, you can simply measure its width, height, and frame depth. Record measurements within the nearest 1/16 inch. However, if the old screen frame is bent or the screen is missing entirely, you have only the window frame to measure. When that’s the case, consult these directions from PJ Fitzpatrick’s window experts for how to measure window screens. Keep in mind that different window styles require slightly different approaches.

Detailed Instructions for How to Measure Window Screens

  1. For single or double-hung windows, find the bottom lip of the frame that holds the screen.
  2. Insert the end of the measuring tape into the frame behind the lip.
  3. Extend the measuring tape vertically until you reach the top of the window screen channel.
  4. Write down the height measurement and ADD a 1/8 inch.
  5. Slip the end of the measuring tape behind the lip of the screen channel on the side of the window.
  6. Measure across to the opposite screen frame channel.
  7. Write down this width measurement and SUBTRACT a 1/8 inch.
For Slider Windows
  1. For slider windows, you need to compare the depth of the screen frame channels on the vertical sides.
  2. The shallower one has the lip that you measure from.
  3. Measure the width from this lip and write down the figure.
  4. Measure the height between the top and bottom screen frame channels.
  5. SUBTRACT a 1/8 inch from the width and height measurements.
For Windows with a Center Mullion

Some colonial-style windows open on both sides and have a dividing mullion in the center.

  1. To measure windows with a center mullion, place the measuring tape on an outer horizontal edge.
  2. Measure across half the window to the center of the mullion.
  3. Obtain the vertical measurement as you would for a single-hung window.
For Windows with Dark Solar Screens

Windows covered with dark solar screens that repel heat from the sun require a slight adjustment to measurements

  1. Collect the width and height dimensions from the outer edges of the solar screen.
  2. SUBTRACT 1/8 inch from both dimensions to arrive at the solar screen size.
For Screens Secured with Brick Clips

For people with brick houses, screens may be attached externally with brick clips.

  1. Measuring for screens secured with brick clips requires measuring from brick edge to brick edge.
  2. Record the width and height for the brick edges around the window.
  3. SUBTRACT 1 inch from both dimensions to obtain the proper screen size.

Tools & Materials

  • Tape measure
  • Pen/pencil
  • Paper
  • Calculator

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