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How to Change a Window Screen

Window screen frames are often reusable when damage is only present on the screen material itself. A vinyl spline holds the screen into the channels on the frame. Both are relatively easy to remove and replace when following the directions for how to change a window screen. When you pick out a new screen, consider the strength of the material. For example, aluminum window screen resists damage, especially from pets, more effectively than fiberglass screen.

Steps for How to Change a Window Screen

  1. Take the damaged screen frame out of window.
  2. Find a table or other flat surface to work on.
  3. Pry out old screen spline with the flat-head screwdriver.
  4. Scrub or brush away any dirt and debris stuck in channels.
  5. Measure the spline groove so that you can buy the correct spline.
  6. Measure the frame dimensions and buy sufficient screen to fill the space.
  7. Unroll the new screen over the empty frame.
  8. Using the utility knife, cut screen so that it has a minimum of 2 extra inches beyond the frame on all sides.
  9. Spread the screen tightly across frame and tape into place.
  10. You will now use the screen roller, which is an essential tool when learning how to change a window screen.
  11. Set the screen roller with the end that has the round edge into the channel.
  12. Carefully roll the wheel along the channel and push the screen into the groove.
  13. After the screen has been pressed into the channel, flip the screen roller to the grooved end.
  14. Align the spline with the groove.
  15. Press the spline completely into the groove with the screen roller all around the frame.
  16. Trim away excess screen close to the groove.

Tools & Materials

Vinyl spline comes in different thicknesses and lengths. Make sure to select the correct size for the frames that you are working on.
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Utility knife
  • Measuring tape
  • Masking tape
  • Screen roller
  • New spline
  • New screen

Complete Window Screen Repair or Replacement

Not everyone may have time to replace window screens. Battered frames might need to be replaced as well. P.J. Fitzpatrick is able to save you time and can recommend even a whole window replacement that will come with brand new screens.

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